A Callback to Something Easier

My last computer science assignment was one of the hardest ones that I’ve had so far. I used computersciencehomeworkhelpers.com to complete it, but I went through a lot before that. Our teacher wanted us to make a program that would behave as a calculator, but there was a catch. We had done something similar to this in a previous assignment, but it was a simple terminal based calculator that would only add two numbers. We had to use this as a foundation and modify it so that the calculator would show whole numbers, decimal numbers, fractions, percentages, and even do square roots, in addition to simply adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying. We also had to put it in a nice interface that would work outside of the terminal.

Making the calculator do the basic function was easy, but the other stuff was hard. I had to write a lot of lines of code, and go through many changes before the code would compile correctly. Displaying fractions and decimals correctly proved to be a bit of a challenge for me. Once I was able to get the functions for the calculator done, I was still stuck with the task of making it all into one neat little package.

It took a lot of hours, but in the end, I completed the assignment. I was so proud to see that the calculator looked basically like one that I would find in the store. I asked my professor what it would take to turn the calculator into a scientific one that would be able to display graphs, and he told me that we would be doing that on our next assignment. At that moment, I looked at him with a shocked looked, but he revealed that he was only joking and we would have an easier assignment than that.